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Hoping to Sell?

Choosing the right person to help sell your home can make all the difference, and not just with regard to how much money you net.

There are many great brokers out there. However, every broker is different.  Make sure you find a great broker, and the RIGHT broker for you, your family, and your life – which is like no one else’s. Here’s a few diverse things I offer as your real estate professional and partner:

  • Flat rate service – sell for THOUSANDS less without sacrificing service. Ask me how!

  • Streamlined sales process.

  • NO team. The right hand ALWAYS knows what the left is doing :)

  • Marketing background - I know how to make your house look its absolute best, without you having to spend a lot.

  • I understand it’s never JUST about a house. Everyone’s story, and reason for buying or selling, is different. I’d love to know yours, and tailor my services to your specific needs.


If you feel that I could be a good fit for your family, please give me a call today. I’d love to chat with you about your real estate needs, goals, and dreams.

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